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Racing FAQs

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How do you sign up for races?

Entry applications are available on this web site. There are also applications at most shops in town where cross country skis are sold and at Kincaid Chalet and in the NSAA office.
What do entry fees pay for?
Grooming (equipment maintenance, fuel, wages), race equipment (timers, computers, trail markers), bibs, awards, feed stations, paper-printer-computer supplies, online signup fees, transportation between venues, occasional national fees, insurance, artwork, pizzas, ………everything that race sponsors’ donations don’t cover. Some races are sponsored at higher levels than others…
Why does it cost so much to register on the day of the race?
Because it is so much easier for the volunteer race organizers to enter all the information and plan the race BEFORE the day of the race. In the case of the Tour of Anchorage, the registration information must be rushed over to Kincaid from Russian Jack and Service on the day of the race in order to enter the information into the computer before the racers finish. For other citizen races, last minute entries can affect race start times and the outcome of some races. Online registration two weeks before the 2004 Tour was only $25. Early Anchorage Cup race registration for 5 races in the 2003/2004 series was only $45.
How is the “profit” from the Tour of Anchorage spent?
The Tour of Anchorage is sponsored by the Nordic Skiing Association of Anchorage and all funds collected from racing go to support the trails maintained by NSAA. NSAA spends from $10,000 to $15,000 to groom the trails for the single day of the Tour of Anchorage.
Why is there a race discount for NSAA members?
Because the Nordic Skiing Association of Anchorage is the principal sponsor of the races! NSAA is supported almost entirely by the volunteer trail pin donations of members.
Why are race fees non-refundable?

Many of the costs covered by race fees are spent before the race in preparation. It is extremely rare for a race to be cancelled. Race organizers have no control over weather conditions.


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