Tour of Anchorage

Tour of Anchorage

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There will DEFINITELY be a 2016 Tour of Anchorage!

Another UPDATE will be posted 2 weeks out, on February 22, stay tuned!

Plan A: The Tour of Anchorage, traditional course: a race, a party, and fun!

Plan B: The Tour of Kincaid SML, creative course design with the snowmaking loop: a race, a party, and fun!

Race registration will remain at the early bird rate so you can encourage your friends to meet you on the starting line.

Please note, 2015 and 2016 Tour Registrations will be applied to this year’s race regardless of race format. As always, your registration will go towards 1. The race 2. The party 3. Trails 4. Your Ski Club. We hope you choose to join us and keep the faith in winter!

More details:
Plan A: There is a good bond on the Tour trail and corresponding trails, we only need one dump of snow and we’re set!
Plan B: Ingenious course designers are coming up with some great snowmaking loops, 10 laps for a 50k ain’t that bad!

We need Volunteers, can you help?


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