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Tour of Anchorage

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2016-2017 season updates coming soon.

Race Details

3/2/2016 TOUR UPDATE:

Tour PosterThe Anchorage Tour Festival is ON!
March 6, 2016 at Kincaid

In lieu of the traditional Tour of Anchorage, we're having the Anchorage Tour Festival at Kincaid Park, on Sunday March 6, 2016! Come out and participate in one or all of the following races.

More information on each race will be available at Bib Pick Up.

  1. Ski CrossSki Tour of Kincaid Lap Race: Grab your skis and sign up for the FREESTYLE ~15k or ~30k lap race! This will be held on the snowmaking loop and participants will ski laps to equal approximately 15k or 30k.
  2. Kincaid Ski Cross: A new event for NSAA! Nordic skiers will navigate on their skis through anobstacle course. This is the idea!
  3. Fat Bike Tour of Kincaid Lap Race: Grab your fat tire bike and sign up for the ~15k or ~30k lap race. This will be held on trails available after the ski tour race and Participants will bike laps to equal approximately 15k or 30k. Don’t have a bike? Trek Shop is offering 50% off fat bike rentals!

    Important Fat Bike information: Please remember bikers should stay on multi-use and single track during the winter. This is a special EVENT, ski trails are ski-only during the winter all other times. For this event, all bike tires must be wider than 3.6 inches and have pressure less than 10 psi. No exceptions, thanks!

   Signup Online by Saturday 6 pm. There is NO DAY-OF REGISTRATION.


When: Thursday, March 3, 2016, Noon - 7 pm
Where: REI Community Room, 1200 W. Northern Lights Blvd.


When: Friday, March 4, 2016, Noon - 6 pm
Where: NSAA Office, 203 W 15th Ave, Suite 204


When: Sunday, March 6, 2016, 8am-1pm
Where: Kincaid Bunker


Races begin in the Kincaid Stadium.

Ski Race - 9am 30km/15km start, 11:30am course closed (racers must be finished)
Ski Cross - 11:45am course open, 12:15pm start
Fat Bike Race - 1:30pm 30km/15km start
Awards – 3pm


These are the proposed courses. Conditions are forecasted to hold, but course changes will be made (even as late as day of) for safety.

Ski Race Course
Ski Cross Course
Fat Bike Course - Updated due to icy conditions

Ongoing Festivities:

A beer garden with Midnight Sun Brewing Co. beverages (2/drink per bib, bring ID).
Great Harvest, Nature Valley, and Skratch will provide refreshments for racers.
Great awards and prizes from Alaska Airlines, AMH, The Alaska Club, Oros’s, and more!


  Youth 13 and under         Adult
Registration Fees Online In Person
In Person
All 3 Events
$25 $50 $60 $70
SKI Tour of Kincaid - Lap Race ~15k/~30k $10 $20 $25 $35
Kincaid Ski Cross $10 $20 $25 $35
SKI Tour of Kincaid - Lap Race ~15k/~30k $10 $20 $25 $35

Important Notice: If you registered for the 2015 Tour of Anchorage, your race registration is being applied to the 2016 Anchorage Tour Festival (formerly Tour of Anchorage). DO NOT submit an additional registration; there will be no refunds. If you're unsure if you registered last year, or need to make changes to that registration, please contact the NSAA office.


We need volunteers! Can you help? (or your friends/family who will come out to watch) Sign-up to Volunteer Here OR email

The below information is what we do on a "typical" year.

About the Tour 

Race the mountains to the sea!

The Tour of Anchorage is a unique point-to-point cross-country ski marathon race in Anchorage, Alaska. There are 4 race events: a 25k, 40k, and 50k freestyle race and a 25k classic race. In each event, abilities range from top national ski racers to recreational skiers challenging themselves with just making the distance. The 40k and 50k races start on the east side of Anchorage and traverse the city along ski and multi-use trails. The 25k race starts at mid-town and joins the same course. All races finish at Kincaid Park on the western most side of the city near the coastline of Cook Inlet. Transportation back to start locations will be provided by shuttle bus.

Come for the race and stay for the party. Enjoy the scenic beer garden at the finish line!

Read the History of the Tour  |  Race Times Archive

Race Bib Pick Up 

When: Friday, March 4, 2016, 3–7 pm and Saturday March 5, 10 am - 12 pm
Where: Moseley Sports Center on the Alaska Pacific University campus. LOCATION MAP

Everyone should pick up their bib (or have someone get it for you) BEFORE race day.

Start, Wave and Finish Information

  • 40k & 50k Start at Service High School - 5577 Abbott Road
  • 25k Start at Alaska Pacific University (APU) - 4400 University Drive
    • APU Parking: There will be parking at the Moseley Center, Atwood Building and the Spine Institute - See Start Area Map  (coming soon) 
    • APU Warmup area, bathrooms: The Moseley Center will be available - See Start Area Map (coming soon) 
    • How to walk to APU Start: It depends on what parking lot you use but from the Moseley Center it is is just a short walk south on the trail down to the start area at the end of University Lake Drive.
      See Start Area Map (coming soon) | Google Map
  • Finish at Kincaid Park Google Map | PDF

Start Wave Information

The 2016 Tour of Anchorage race start waves are expected to be:

Past Race Times can be calculated by multiplying the listed pace time by race distance (row at top of each column).

  • All race events start in waves of 50 skiers with faster skiers seeded in the earlier waves. Ranks 1-50 will be in the first wave, 51-100 in the second wave, etc.
  • Each skier's best previous pace times (minutes and seconds per kilometer) in a distance race >24 km (although the shortened 2014 TOA races are included) are ranked among the skiers registered for each event (50km, 40km, 25km free, 25km classic).
  • Each wave will start at 2 minute intervals. Winners do not have to be in the first wave. If you start back one wave and finish 1 minute 55 seconds behind someone in the preceding wave, you have the faster race time.
  • Our goal for wave assignments and start times is to minimize the number of skiers passing other skiers. "Slower" skiers will not start in front of proven "faster" skier based on each skier's best pace in a long distance race over the last 3 years (Pia's, Sven's, and TOA 2012, 2013, 2014, plus Pia's 2015 and Sven's 2015 races). This should improve overall race speed and safety by eliminating much of the passing and bottlenecks on narrow trails. However, no system will be perfect. Certainly, skiers vary their pace throughout the race, fast skiers have slow days, and slow or unranked skiers may have fast races.
  • PACE is calculated as total time / total distance and expressed in units of minutes and seconds (m:ss.00) per km. We consider that pace is adequately determined whether based on a 25km, 30km, 40km, or 50 km race. No adjustment is made for distance, age, or sex. No adjustment is made for course difficulty, number of skiers, temperature, or snow conditions. Admittedly, such a seeding system is a crude approximation.
  • Separate ranking lists are kept for CLASSIC and FREE technique. There is no carryover in rank from one technique to the other.
  • All waves will have mixed sexes. Wave assignment is strictly based on pace and not on rank within sex. However, there is one exception in that all women ranked among the top 100 skiers (registered for the 50 km TOA, both sexes) will start in wave #2 so that the fastest group of women will start in the same wave.
  • Within each wave, start positions are self-determined by racers as they line up for the start. The tour does NOT have "chevron" starts with assigned positions. Being a bit courteous and conservative is a wise strategy to avoid a pile-up and broken equipment.
  • Skiers who wish to ski with another person(s) may indicate who on the registration entry form. They will be seeded in the wave with the slower-paced person.
  • All skiers are allowed to submit PACE data from non-Anchorage races by providing the year, race name, race time, and distance. Data will be verified from posted online results. Data from an Anchorage race, or your expected finish time, should not be submitted.
  • If no PACE time data are available, wave assignments will be made in order of registration date. Registrations on Friday 6 March and Saturday 7 March will have limited chance for placement in early waves. Please register online using the same name (first and last) as in all previous races, and register EARLY. For correct seeding, supply correct data at online registration from your best outside race.

Seeding Racers

Our goal is to make the Tour of Anchorage safe and satisfying for as many skiers as possible.

Skiers will be seeded in groups (fastest to slowest) using the “pace” system implemented for the 2014 Tour.  Pace times from the 2014 Tour (19 km and 26 km) will soon be included and the 2011 races will be dropped.  The freestyle and classic ranking lists will be posted.  Pace times from the 2015 Anchorage Cup Pia’s (30k classic) and Sven’s (30k free) will also be included in the ranking.  As before, time and distance data from non-Anchorage races (25km or longer) may be submitted.

One change to the wave placement for the 2015 Tour is that all women among the fastest 100 skiers (both men and women) will all start in wave #2.  Last year, 3 women were in placed wave #1 and 7 women were placed in wave #2 based on the ranking of pace times from both men and women.  If this same ranking and sign up occurred in 2015, all 10 women would be placed in wave #2.

Course Maps

The map of the Tour finish will be posted on the website one week prior to the race.

Alaska Pacific University - 25K Start

  • Detailed 25K Start Map at Alaska Pacific University (APU) (coming soon) - PDF

Service High School - 40K & 50K Start

  • Hillside 40 & 50K with Start Times (coming soon) - PDF

Kincaid Finish

  • Kincaid Finish Route (coming soon) - PDF
  • Kincaid Stadium Close-up (coming soon) - PDF

View Enlarged Map Below - PDF


Clothing Bag Support

There will be a vehicle at the start of all races to transport a bag with dry clothing to the end of the race at Kincaid Park . We encourage you to bring a backpack or duffle bag with your name on it so it is easier to spot at Kincaid. For the 25K start at APU, the vehicle will be outside the Moseley Sports Center.  There will be no way to get your gear back to the van from the start area,  so be sure to leave your bag with the van before coming down the hill. Also shuttle buses will be available at Kincaid Park to transport skiers back to the start of each race (APU and Service). These buses will leave at half hour intervals.


Catch a free shuttle bus back from Kincaid Chalet to APU and Service Starts.

  • Buses will run every 20 minutes starting at 11:00 am
  • Buses to APU will run until 3:30
  • Buses to Service will run until 4:00
  • Gates to Kincaid open at 8:00 am if you want to drop a car there 


There will be FOUR feed stations for 2016 race - Hillside, Westchester Lagoon, Point Woronzof, and the Finish line of course! They will be serving fruit, granola bars, water & warm sports drink (Skratch Lab Apple Cinnamon). Feed stations are staffed by high school sports and community group volunteers. Give them a big thank you as you pass through. Food and drinks will be in the Kincaid Chalet to greet you!


Merchandise on sale at Bib Pickup Friday & Saturday and on race day at the Kincaid Chalet. They will be available for purchase at bib pick-up and after the race in the Kincaid Chalet. We have lots of colors, styles and sizes to choose from, but keep in mind that it all goes FAST! Come to bib pick-up early on the first day for the best selection.

Awards Banquet

AWARDS CEREMONY, Monday, March 7, 2016, 5:30 - 7 pm at Bear Tooth Theater Pub
Tickets will be go on sale at the Bear Tooth office on Tuesday, March 1 for $4.
This is a sell-out event. Get your tickets early.


  • 1st place 40/50K men & women finishers win round trip ticket plus $1,000
  • 2nd place 40/50k men & women finishers win $300
  • 3rd place 40/50K men & Women finishers win $200

PLUS this year watch for a special "PREME" prize for first 50K men & women to a designated spot during the race.

Fabulous Bear Tooth cuisine and liquid refreshments will be available for purchase. Remember patrons under 21 are welcome in the theatre balcony.

If you won an age group (top 3) and aren't able to make the Awards Ceremony, stop by the NSAA office to get your medal.

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