Kincaid Trails Report

SKAN today starting at 10 am and ending tomorrow at 10 am.




Lighted Trail
Non-lighted Trail
Novice Trail Intermediate Trail Advanced Trail Multi-use Trail
Trail Last Groomed Comments
StadiumMar 28With track
Play Hill AreaMar 17With track
Chalet LoopMar 28With track
Snowmaking LoopMar 28With track
Mize Lighted LoopMar 28With track
Arlene's Way to SissonMar 25With track
Arlene's Way to MizeMar 25With track
Sisson LoopMar 25With track
Gravel Pit Inner LoopMar 22With track
Margaux's Lighted LoopMar 28With track
Tasha's TurnMar 22With track
Dark AlleyMar 22With track
Elliott's ClimbMar 28With track
World CupMar 28With track
Easy St. to Raspberry BridgeMar 25With track
Jodphur Lighted TrailMar 28With track
S TurnsMar 25With track
Lekisch LoopMar 23With track
Lekisch Lighted LoopMar 28With track

Ice BoxMar 25With track
Mize's FollyMar 23With track
Moose TrailMar 25With track
Four CornersMar 23With track
Stairway to HeavenMar 23With track
CompressionMar 23With track
Roadside Multi-UseMar 22With track
Horseshoe LoopMar 18With track
Lake LoopMar 18With track