We hate to rain on everybody’s parade, but things are looking downright soggy out here on the trails at Kincaid. Due to warm temperatures and rain, we regret to inform you that tomorrow’s Kincaid Classic & Wooden Ski Race has been canceled. This decision was made with consideration for both possible icy driving conditions as well as an effort to maintain trail integrity. Refunds for the race will be issued on Monday. Our Kincaid classic race sponsors, the Sons of Norway encourage folks to get out there and do their snow dance in an effort to appease Ullr & Skadi, the Norse god & goddess of snow and skiing. Thank you to all the volunteers who were willing to come out this weekend!!
Disappointed about missing the race? We are too! We look forward to offering a community event in March to bring folks together as the daylight increases to celebrate another great season of skiing, friends and family.
Don’t forget to mark your calendars for February 13th for the Kincaid Sprint Relay!! This Valentine’s Eve race is great for couples, friends, and families alike! You can find more info on the AMH Anchorage Cup website.
See you at the start line,


Tyler Henegan

NSAA Sport Development Coordinator
(907) 310-0926