ASD HS Upcoming Race Details

January 16, 2019: Bartlett Sprint Individual

Where: Bartlett High School

Start: 3pm

Course Map:        Bartlett relay 1-16-2019   

Host: Bartlett High School

Race and Venue Details

Freestyle 2 x 2 x 2 Relay, A, B, C Teams, 1 lap mass starts for D+ teams.

Start times are tentative. If the course gets too crowded we’ll adjust the start times.

Start List & Start Times

Start: 3:00 PM

3:00 – Boys A

3:02 – Boys B

3:20 – Girls A

3:22 – Girls B

3:40 – Boys C

3:42 – Girls C


4:00 – Boys D

4:02 – Boys E

4:04 – Boys F

4:06 – Girls D

4:08 – Girls E

4:10 – Girls F

4:12 – Boys Open

4:14 – Girls Open


Teams will have access to the High School. Everyone is responsible for cleaning their area and please bring garbage bags. Please be respectful of other teams.

Lost & Found

Please contact Bartlett High for lost and found items.




ASD Race Director: James Hancock, Coordinating Assistant Principal, 907-742-6996,

Group High Ski Team Coach Appointee: Jan Buron (Service High),

Coaches Hosting A Race

Email us race details which includes start times, course maps, course descriptions, and any other information that is important to everyone concerning the race the due the Tuesday BEFORE your race.

Coaches, are you giving out awards? Contact Tim Brabets and let him know Monday BEFORE race.


Give your kid a break and have more fun and stay warmer on race day.  Join the Green Grunts and spend your day supporting the racers.  The “Grunts” meet for breakfast and work together to make the race a great experience for all racers (first to last), families, and coaches.  There is a lot of work to do on the snow and in the woods.  We even have inside jobs before race day.  And the skier in your family may be glad you have something better to do than hover over them as they try to focus for their race.

If this sounds good to you contact Buzz Scher during the next high school race.
Email: Buzz Scher –