HS Upcoming Race Details

Where: Kincaid Park

When: Friday, Feb. 19th & Saturday, Feb. 20th

Race Co-Hosts:


  1. Friday: Classic, Interval start;
  2. Saturday: Freestyle, Pursuit start


  • Coming soon!

Friday: Classic Individual start

10 km Boys, 7.5 km Girls, 5 km Open

Race starts 12:00 PM, 1 skier every 20 seconds

The stadium set-up will be similar to the Chugiak Classic race.  Waxing will be conducted inside the flagging encircling the stadium area. There must be plenty (20+ feet) of space between teams.
There are several cut offs, so please make sure skiers are familiar with the course.

Saturday: Freestyle Pursuit Start

Approximate start times:
Boys A/B: 11:00
Girls A/B: 11:45
Boys C/D & Open: 12:30
Girls C/D & Open: 1:15

Distance: 5k/3k

Subject to change based on snow conditions: 

Coaches will be allowed as necessary on the course for wax testing.

COVID Protocols:

General Event Notices: 

  • Masks will be required by all individuals at the venue all times, except during the race
  • 6ft physical distancing is mandatory for all individuals.
  • No indoor facilities are available.
  • Fenced stadium areas are for athletes and officials only.
  • Do not congregate in the Stadium.
  • Non-racing athlete support individuals are allowed one per athlete in the park to facilitate athlete transportation to and from the venue. At the venue, any non-racers must adhere to physical distancing requirements, wear a face covering at all times and be in designated areas.

Arrival at the Event

  • Please arrive approximately 45-60 minutes before your start time with just enough time to get your bib, warm up, test wax, and race
  • Parking is available in both the Chalet and Lower Parking areas. Encourage parents to stay in their vehicles or go for a ski in another part of the park.
  • One Coach will pick up the bibs from the NSAA bib handout station. Coaches will be responsible for distributing athletes’ bibs in a safe manner in compliance with ASD and NSAA mitigation guidelines.Please do not congregate or mingle in the stadium. Athletes should be warming up, racing, or cooling down.
  • There will be portapotties available at the venue at the lower parking area and near the chalet. Please use the hand sanitizer provided.

Before your Start

  • Warm up should be done off the race course.
  • Place your warm up clothes on the provided fencing or the ground separate from other racers’ warm ups. DO NOT CONGREGATE.
  • In the start area please keep physical distancing. There will be markers for where racers should stand prior to their start.


  • Races will be individual starts, 1 racer every 20 seconds.
  • Be fast and have fun!

After your Race

  • Please refrain from laying down in the finish area after your race. We know it was a hard race, but please spend as little time as you can in the finish area.
  • Athletes will remove their own bibs and place them in the provided trash cans.
  • Grab your warm ups and go for a cool down
  • Depart the venue as soon as you are cooled down

Team Areas

  • The soccer field below the stadium has been packed down to provide an area for the teams to store gear.
  • Please set up plenty far away from other schools.
  • Tents with walls and heaters are not allowed. Temporary tents without walls are permitted
  • IF we have a strong north wind, one wall is allowed for a wind break.
  • DO NOT ski across the snow gun power and water supply line marked by cones. Step across or ski around it.

Note from the Race Officials:

All racers and coaches (and parents) must wear masks at all times while at Kincaid. Racers can remove masks when they are on the start line, they will have plenty of time. Perhaps the most important thing to remember is PHYSICAL DISTANCING!!

There will be places to remove your warm ups in the stadium. No clothing can be hung on fences near the start or finish areas. Even better, keep it at your team area.  Enter the start area a couple of minutes before your start and follow the instructions of the start crew. When you finish the race ski all the way through the finish area get your warm ups, ski a cool down and go home.

Skiers are responsible for knowing what is expected while at these races. A lot of people have worked hard so we can race and it is important to remember that the next race depends on the behavior at this race.


Teams will have not have access to any indoor facilities.

Lost & Found

Please contact NSAA for lost and found items.




ASD Race Director: James Hancock, Coordinating Assistant Principal, 907-742-6996, hancock_james@asdk12.org

Group High Ski Team Coach Appointee: Jan Buron (Service High), janburon@gmail.com

Coaches Hosting A Race

Email us race details which includes start times, course maps, course descriptions, and any other information that is important to everyone concerning the race the due the Tuesday BEFORE your race.

Coaches, are you giving out awards? Contact Tim Brabets tim.brabets@gmail.com and let him know Monday BEFORE race.


Give your kid a break and have more fun and stay warmer on race day.  Join the Green Grunts and spend your day supporting the racers.  The “Grunts” meet for breakfast and work together to make the race a great experience for all racers (first to last), families, and coaches.  There is a lot of work to do on the snow and in the woods.  We even have inside jobs before race day.  And the skier in your family may be glad you have something better to do than hover over them as they try to focus for their race.

If this sounds good to you contact Anson Moxness during the next high school race: anson.moxness@gmail.com