Grab some sturdy skis, climbing skins, and avalanche safety gear, and we will search for powder turns in the beautiful mountains of Turnagain Pass or Hatcher Pass. We will spend much of the day “touring for turns” and stopping often to enjoy the mountain views. Be sure to bring comfy warm layers and some good food to enjoy during breaks. This tour is especially suitable for new backcountry skiers looking to venter slowly into avalanche terrain and experienced backcountry skiers looking to expand their social circle or explore new country. 

Safety will be our highest priority as this tour will likely venture into avalanche terrain and travel up and down slopes with angles between 25-40 degrees. We will decide between Turnagain Pass or Hatcher Pass on Wednesday February 25 based on snow safety reports and weather forecasts. On tour day, the specific mountain, route, and goals will be determined based on avalanche forecast conditions, field observations, and the experience of the group. 

Please check the following weather information before you prepare for this ski tour.

Hatcher Pass Weather Forecast

Turnagain Pass Avalanche Center

All NSAA Backcountry Tour participants must be NSAA members. Due to the COVID pandemic, members must RSVP and sign release forms online. All participants are also required to fill out a COVID assessment form online within 48 hours of the start of the tour. See the complete Mitigation Plan on the homepage for Backcountry Tours. Social distancing will be practiced on all tours.   

 All the NSAA tours are accompanied by the Anchorage Nordic Ski Patrol.  If needed, they provide first aid and safety for tour participants.  We thank them for their valuable help.

 You can help support the Tours section by purchasing an attractive knit ski cap online. 

 Based on prior low snow years, we may need to change the location of the ski tour and will let folks know by email, the NSAA website or the Tours Hotline at 907-258-6800.  Thanks for your flexibility!