Beach Lake Park ski trails are in the southeastern corner of the 1,750-acre park along South Birchwood Loop Road near Chugiak High School. Exit the Glenn Highway about Mile 17.4 and drive northwest on South Birchwood Loop, passing the school. The Beach Lake Chalet with parking and restrooms is located about three-quarter miles from the highway on the west (left) side of the road.   From the Beach Lake Chalet, beginners will find easy routes that meander through the forest and lead to the high school on the broad “Low Road” and “Mainstreet” corridors. Meet at the chalet at 11:00 a.m. The lighted blue loop, considered to be moderately challenging, the route features a headwall-like climb nicknamed “Agony Hill” and curving descent onto the Mainstreet returning trail called “Devil’s Corner.”  For a grand tour that includes some strenuous and even slightly technical segments, follow the 10.2-kilometer red loop. It traverses the ski area from north to south, featuring the hairpin turns of Junkyard in the north and the sustained climbs of the Hill Loop in the south. An especially fun feature: at least three kilometers parallel the Alaska Railroad tracks, making for interesting moments when trains trundle past during tuck-and-go descents.

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