Join us for two overnights over President’s Day weekend at Manitoba Huts for telemarking , AT skiing or touring.  This terrain is for beginning to intermediate skiers.  If climbing Manitoba Mountain, you’ll need skins for your skis.  You should also have avalanche gear (beacon, probe and shovel) for the telemark or AT portion of skiing.   If you’d like to kick and glide instead, there are a couple of touring options to beautiful Summit Lake or rolling hills to the north on old gold mining trails (no skins required).  There is also a sauna to enjoy!  There will be a fee for lodging.  Bring your own breakfasts and lunches and a potluck dish to share for two dinners. Because the weather is often variable, bring clothing for wind, cold and snow.   Reserve your bunk and discuss logistics with tour leader Karlene Leeper at 907-440-0049.

Level:                   Manitoba Advanced I                    Touring option:  Easy II
Distance:             Manitoba ~6 miles total                 Touring option:  3-8 miles total
Elevation Gain:   Manitoba ~2300 feet                      Touring option:  100 feet
Tour Leader: AT/Tele ski: Michael Henrich
Reservations and touring: Karlene Leeper at 907-440-0049;

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