Skiing to Matanuska Glacier

Enjoy two overnights over MLK Holiday weekend at Sheep Mountain Lodge in group cabins and ski on area trails with fabulous scenery all around. This trail system was started by miners 50 years ago.

On Saturday and Sunday, ski on 24 km of groomed, non-motorized trails at the lodge, or beyond on 60 mi multi-use trails. Enjoy potluck meals and sign up for the hot tub in the evenings. On Monday, ski out to Matanuska Glacier along Caribou Creek.

The ski to Matanuska Glacier will be on and off the creek and through some brush, but mostly open terrain.  We’ll ski approximately 10 miles. ***For those skiing with their dogs, traps are in the Matanuska Glacier area.  Please bring a leash for your dog on this tour! ***

Space is limited at the lodge, so contact the tour leader to make your reservation early and get logistical details about meals and lodging. A $50 deposit to hold a cabin spot is required by January 1.

Sheep Mountain Lodge trail map

Only the Monday portion of this NSAA tour is accompanied by the Anchorage Nordic Ski Patrol.  If needed, the patrollers provide first aid and safety for tour participants. We thank them for their valuable help.

Please check the following weather information before you prepare for this ski tour:

Sheep Mountain Airport 

All NSAA tour participants should be a member of the club and sign the NSAA Release Form once a year. Download and sign now, or sign a copy available at the start of the tour.