We are well into the summer season and the groomers are as busy as ever.  With all the rain and sunshine the vegetation is really taking off and the crew is doing their best to keep up.  Bill, Annette and Tim have been cutting brush on the trails at Bartlett.  It’s essential to trim those alders back as far as possible so they don’t encroach on the trails when they are heavy with snow in the winter.  Check out these before and after shots!

Bill does most of the cutting using his “modified” weed trimmer (with a humble nod to Tim Taylor) and a chainsaw while Annette and Tim drag the brush away. It’s hot and dirty work and fortunately there aren’t many mosquitoes…thank goodness!!

At Kincaid, Craig and Jack are making every effort to keep the grass from taking over.  They have mowed the Sisson, Mize, Lekisch Lighted, Margaux’s, Jodhpur and Elliot’s, so far, and are really happy to have the right equipment for the job, pass after pass.


We sure hope you’re enjoying this beautiful Alaskan summer.  Stay healthy and we’ll keep you posted!