Alaska Ski For Women Grants

Grant Beneficiaries

Over the past several years, the Alaska Ski for Women has donated close to $1,100,000 to local community, non-profit organizations helping to stop the cycle of domestic abuse against women and children in Alaska. This strong, financial support is made possible by Alaska Ski for Women donors, participants, merchandise and silent auction sales.

2020 Grantee

The Alaska Ski for Women grant committee has decided, after much discussion, to award 100% of the net proceeds from the 2020 Alaska Ski for Women event to AWAIC. In times of COVID-19, NSAA and ASFW want to show our support for what AWAIC is doing for the community. Together, we can stop the cycle of domestic violence and help women in crisis find positive solutions to a healthier life. The Nordic Skiing Association of Anchorage is proud of the success of the Alaska Ski for Women (ASFW) event and the great work of AWAIC, and has awarded them $25,747 as of June, 2020.

2019 Grantees

Nonprofit Organization Program Supported
AWAIC, Anchorage Children’s Advocate staffing in their shelter-based program
YWCA, Anchorage Alaska Economic Justice Project
Running Free Alaska, Anchorage Staffing the Head Running Coach

All current and future grant proposals must meet the following criteria:

  • Recipient is a local nonprofit 501(c)(3) organization.
  • Provides services to women and children helping to stop the cycle of domestic abuse.
  • Said services raise women and children’s self-esteem, and gains physical and emotional well being through a healthy lifestyle.


Alaska Ski for Women
Grant Program Committee
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