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Join us on Saturday, February 26th, for the traditional one-day outdoor Ski 4 Kids festival and race as well as a weeklong ski-on-your-own storyboard course and treasure hunt this season.  Skiers who complete the ski-on-your-own course during the week will be able to check-in at the chalet afterward to claim their swag.
Details: The one-day festival on Saturday, February 26th, will run from approximately 12-3:30 p.m. and will feature outdoor activity stations and a race. Timed race registration ends at 5 pm on February 24th. The Ski-It-Yourself course will be set up starting the same day and will run through the afternoon of Saturday, March 5th.  Donations are requested.


Course Details

The Ski-It-Yourself course will be set-up starting Saturday, February 26th at Noon and will run through the afternoon of Saturday, March 5th. The storybook pages can be found along the first half of the Mize Loop.

No registration is required, but donations are welcome.

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Registration and general questions: 992-0108 or events@anchoragenordicski.com

Interested in joining our planning committee? Get in touch! Email: ski4kidsday@gmail.com


Registration is open!
We respectfully recommend a $20 entry donation.