NSAA Ski Train 

March 14, 2020

$140: Adults (12+) & $115: Youth (0-11)

Thank you for a great ride!

We want to thank all our members, volunteers, sponsors, and partner clubs for another great year on the NSAA Ski Train!

Enjoy Alaska’s beauty on the Nordic Skiing Association of Anchorage’s Ski Train!  This is a bucket list experience that is sure to make you smile!  Ride the rails with a train full of fellow skiers for a full day of awesome fun with friends old and new in Alaska’s remote backcountry. The four hour ride is a great time to relax and enjoy the scenery, share games and picnic with friends and family or pass the time dancing in the Polka Car with the Alaska Blaskapelle Band.

An annual tradition, the Ski Train has been the winter’s focal point for Alaskan friends and family for over 40 years. Tickets sell out fast so mark your calendar for the experience of a life time.  Please remember this is a family friendly event and safety is our priority!


Tickets for NSAA Members are available to purchase!

Pricing Starts at:

$140 Adults 12+

$115 Youth 0-11

8 Tickets maximum per purchase.

NSAA membership is required for NSAA Ski Train. If you and your family are trail users during winter or summer, please consider supporting NSAA with a family membership. Your membership DIRECTLY impacts Anchorage’s world-class trails and helps NSAA’s mission to promoting Nordic skiing opportunities for your fellow Alaskans to lead healthy active lifestyles! Add a family membership to your cart when registering online!


Additional Ski Train purchase options

$20 Parking Pass: Skip the hassle of looking for parking with the Ski Train parking pass! Parking passes will be mailed in February or March.

$15 Railgate Garden Pass:  21+ only. Access to exclusive “rail-gate” garden in Curry including music, hot dogs & adult beverages. Included in the price for Cars A-C. Click here to purchase

$40 NSAA Ski Train Hoodie: Soft hoodie with the NSAA Ski Train logo

$25 NSAA Ski Train T-Shirts: Soft comfortable t-shirts, blue or purple, with the NSAA Ski Train logo

$15 Ski Train Engineer Hat: Back by popular demand!

Types of Seating & Atmosphere

All Booth Seating: Family, Social, and 21+

Before you purchase, check out the train layout and seating chart below. Participants are encouraged to stay near their seat for most of the train for safety reasons.  Blocking the aisle creates serious problems for the Alaska Railroad staff.

Remember, tickets are non-refundable (for any reason). You can transfer or sell your ticket. Tickets are specific to seats and cars and cannot be changed. Please remember this is a member only event and remind the new ticket holder of this requirement. If the train is sold out we may have a waiting list of folks wanting tickets. Just email us and we will send you back the list of willing buyers.

Ski Train in the Media

Ski Train from Anchorage to Curry -Youtube
Ski Train Polka Meister Video -Youtube
Backcountry Magazine “The Polar Express” -pdf


Train Cars

Scroll down to see the exciting train cars we offer for your ride to Curry. Back for 2019: each car has a theme so break out your best costumes!

2019 Ski Train Layout – pdf

Car A: Matanuska Brewing Company Car

Atmosphere: 21 and older only

Theme:  Rock Stars

# of seats: 64

Matanuska Brewing Co Car Ticket Pricing: $170 Complimentary beer included which is served by brewery servers,and exclusive access to Railgate Garden in Curry. Due to complimentary beer provided in this car, BYOB is not allowed for Car A.

Thank you to Matanuska Brewing Company for sponsoring Car A!


Car B: Glacier Brewhouse Car

Atmosphere: 21 and older only

Theme:  Comic Book Villains

# of seats: 76

Glacier Brewhouse Car Ticket Pricing:$170 Complimentary beer included which is served by brewery servers,and exclusive access to Railgate Garden in Curry. Due to complimentary beer provided in this car, BYOB is not allowed for Car B.

Thank you to Glacier Brewhouse for sponsoring Car B!


Car C: Alaskan Brewing Co Car

Atmosphere: 21 and older only

Theme:  Super Heroes

# of seats: 76

Alaskan Brewing Co Car Ticket Pricing: $170 Complimentary beer included which is served by brewery servers,and exclusive access to Railgate Garden in Curry. Due to complimentary beer provided in this car, BYOB is not allowed for Car C.

Thank you to Alaskan Brewing Co for sponsoring Car C!


Car D: Trek Bicycle Store Car

Atmosphere: Social; Please enjoy adult beverages responsibly.

Theme:  Star Trek

# of seats: 76

Trek Bicycle Store Car Ticket Pricing: $140 Adults, $115 Youth

Thank you to Trek Bicycle Store for sponsoring Car D!


Car E: REI Car

Atmosphere: Social; Please enjoy adult beverages responsibly.

Theme:  Hawaiian

# of seats: 76

Car E Ticket Pricing:  $140 Adults, $115 Youth

Thank you to REI for sponsoring Car E!


Car F: Wild Scoops Car


Atmosphere: Social; Please enjoy adult beverages responsibly.

Theme:  Animal Kingdom

# of seats: 68

Car F Ticket Pricing:  $150 Adults, $125 Youth; Includes complimentary Wild Scoops ice cream on the train.

Thank you to Wild Scoops for sponsoring Car F!


Car G: Conrad-Houston Insurance Car

Atmosphere: Family Friendly

Theme:  Mardi Gras

# of seats: 68

Car 555 Ticket Pricing:  $140 Adults, $115 Youth

Thank you to Conrad-Houston Insurance for sponsoring Car G!


Ski Train merchandise is available for sale when you purchase your tickets online. This is the best way to ensure you get the size and color you want! Merchandise will also be sold on the train, while supplies last!











$15 Ski Train Engineer Hat: Authentic engineer hat with custom NSAA Ski Train logo patch on the front, and NSAA patch on the side.






October 1: Tickets on sale for NSAA members. NSAA membership is required to purchase Ski Train tickets. All passengers, including the ticket purchaser, must be NSAA members. Your membership supports trails and ensures that NSAA can continue to put on great events like Ski Train!

Saturday, March 24, 2018
6-7 am – Boarding in Anchorage
7 am – Doors close – 7:30 train leaves station
11 am – Arrival in Curry
11-4 pm – Skiing in Curry (train stays on site for warmup)
4 pm – Train departs Curry. Let the polka dancing begin!
8 pm – Arrival in Anchorage


Ski Train gear drop-off, Friday March 22, 2019 from 5-7pm at the Alaska Railroad Annex (just east of the depot). Drop off your labeled skis, poles and snowshoes that you’ll be using in Curry the night before to eliminate congestion on Saturday morning. Optional but strongly encouraged.

What to expect:

What to expect boarding the train (6:00 am – 7:00 am):

  • Drop passengers and baggage at the Alaska Railroad Depot in Anchorage
  • Load your equipment on the baggage car (in ski bags or securely bundled and labeled)
  • Park in lot on Ship Creek Ave, across from the Comfort Inn
  • Sign-in with photo id and board the train

What to expect on the train:

  • Assigned seats
  • Storage for your personal gear and food. All skis, poles, snowshoes in baggage car please!
  • Tasty treats for purchase for breakfast and lunch in the Food Car. Proceeds help underwrite the cost of the train.
  • Commemorative Ski Train merchandise for sale in the Polka Car
  • Dance your way home with live music by the Alaska Blaskapelle Band.
  • Please help out and clean up around your area before you leave the train

What to expect in Curry:

  • Curry Weather
  • Mild temperatures, beautiful backcountry conditions – no groomed trails, but with hundreds of skiers there will be trails to follow
  • Please follow directions of the Safety Teams
    • Stay away from out of bounds area
    • No skiing on the river
  • Snow conditions vary tremendously from year to year, from powder to hard packed to corn snow. Snow is generally too deep and soft to walk, bring snowshoes if you do not ski.
  • Want a mellow ski? – flat area around the tracks, old town site & north along the tracks
  • Want a more hard-core ski? – head east from the train and up the quary road, switchbacking up 1000’. Views of Denali and sweet turns coming down.

What to Bring:

  • Skis or snow shoes in ski bag with your name clearly marked. Please save our volunteer’s back – NO HEAVY SKI BAGS PLEASE, 25 pounds max!
  • Child-carriers or chariots welcome in baggage car
  • Dress warmly in layers. Temperatures vary, expect warm, cool or cold weather.
  • Change of clothes for ride home – shoes at all times
  • Food and refreshments (no glass please). Adult beverages are allowed but please keep them concealed.  It is recommended that hard liquor be left at home or beverages be premixed.  Displaying alcohol is strongly discouraged. Please be mindful that the Ski Train is a family friendly event and safety is our number one concern. Adult beverages are allowed but drink responsibly please. Help us keep the BYOB option available in the future. Due to complimentary beer provided in cars A-C, BYOB is not allowed for Car A-C.
  • Crock pots & blenders? There are limited electrical outlets in some cars, check with the availability in your car on the seating charts

What not to bring:

  • No glass, please do not bring any glass bottles or containers on the train.
  • Your dog. Only search and rescue dogs from ASAR allowed.
  • No heavy ski bags, max 25 pounds – our volunteers have to load and unload them.
  • No large hard-sided coolers – small or soft-sided coolers fit in the limited storage space.
  • No fuel allowed (AKRR rules). Please leave your cook stoves at home.

Where to Board:

Directions to Anchorage Depot

Ski Train FAQ -pdf

Safety Briefing- pdf

About Curry




Thank you to our generous 2018 Ski Train sponsors!

      tk15_retail_tbs_logo_v_color_black     rei



The ski train continues to be a success mainly because of all of our wonderful volunteers. Thank you!

Due to the popularity, volunteer positions for NSAA SKi Train are already filled for this year, but NSAA always needs more help in other events and areas.

Our Ski Train Team:

Chair: Travis Taylor
Parking: Russel Dudley
Food Car: Travis Taylor
Polka Band: Neal Haglund & the Alaska Blaskapelle Band
Loading: Cami Timothy
Baggage: Emily Taylor
Merchandise: David Dempsey
Safety Coordinators: Mike Olive
Anchorage Nordic Ski Patrol
Alaska Search Dogs
Alaska Mountain Rescue
Alaska Railroad Liaison: Sarah Streiffert

Have questions concerning the ski train or are looking to get on the waitlist? 

Please contact the NSAA Office by phone or email:  907-276-7609 or admin@anchoragenordicski.com.