Junior Nordic Coaches

The Program Director oversees the program and interacts with site directors, head coaches, coaching staff, children in the program, the parents of the children and Parks & Rec. staff. Site directors are responsible for the day-to-day responsibilities for the M/W or T/Th groups at Kincaid, Hillside and Russian Jack (Russian Jack only meets on M/W during the first session).   Each group has a head coach, who coordinates and leads all the assistant coaches for that group.  An effort is made to keep the same coach with the same group of kids, but this is not always possible, given variations in group size and attendance

Becoming a Junior Nordic Coach

To volunteer or become a  coach, please submit the following Coaching Application by email or to the office:

Coaching Application


Once hired, please submit the following documents:

Employee Packet List
Employee Handbook
Employee Handbook Acknowledgement
Post-Health Questionnaire
Direct Deposit Form

Pay policy for teenage coaches:
Paid at 17 years old, unless;
16 years old and have volunteered for one session and Head Coach agrees;
15 years old and have volunteered for two sessions and Head Coach agrees.

Send the above forms to:

Program Director
Tamra Kornfield, tkornfield@anchoragenordicski.com

NSAA is an Equal Opportunity Employer.