Junior Nordic Parent Information


NSAA membership is required for Junior Nordic. If you and your family are trail users, please consider supporting NSAA with a family membership. Your membership DIRECTLY supports the trails that Junior Nordic use weekly, and helps NSAA continue to provide youth skiing opportunities for all ages and abilities. We need all trail users help to continue the world-class grooming and to provide ways for your fellow Alaskans to lead healthy active lifestyles! Add a family membership to your cart when registering online!


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All parents must attend an orientation meeting on the first day of practice.

Meetings will be held the first night of each practice (M/W or T/Th) at 4:30 pm or 6:30 pm at the time and venue where your child will be skiing. If there is snow, the kids will be skiing; if there is no snow, we still have practice and the kids will run or hike with the coaches and play games. We still have fun, getting in shape for skiing!


Equipment & Clothing Information

Curriculum & Safety Information


-Competition & Racing – Ready to Race (R2R)

Because the philosophy of Junior Nordic is to encourage children to learn and enjoy cross country skiing as a lifetime activity, competition and racing are not the focus of the program, but participation in community races is fun for the whole family. Junior Nordicers are always encouraged to move at their own pace through the skill groups and are to do their best. Junior Nordic offers and participates in several fun events each season, as well as all the ongoing fun activities incorporated into regular practice.

Ready 2 Race is a program geared towards Junior Nordic skiers who are interested in learning more about racing! This program is great for skiers looking to participate in middle school ski team or community races, such as the AMH Anchorage Cup races.

Ready 2 Race coaches will provide race support at AMH Anchorage Cup races including course preview, help with waxing, answer questions, and lead warm-ups. Ready 2 Race skiers will learn include proper waxing technique, relay handoffs, and how to prep for a race day. There will also be clinics on various Sundays and Fridays. The clinics will focus on teaching important race skills and providing information for both parents and kids.

Click here to sign up for Ready 2 Race

The Besh Cup races are designed for skiers of all skill and competitive levels. Learn more about Besh Cup Races

The AMH Anchorage Cup races offer youth races with shorter distances appropriate for younger skiers and the whole family! Learn more about AMH Anchorage Cup Races. All ages and abilities are encouraged to participate, and R2R will welcome all kids to join the warmup and get to the start line.

-Hotline and Text Updates

The Remind App tells you where the final location of practice will be and also provides information on weather, trail conditions and other special events relating to Nordic skiing. Always check messages before you leave for practice each evening and on Saturdays. Please note that typically the final message is sent each day by 3pm, but it may be as late as 5pm (due to changing weather and snow conditions).

The Hotline will still be used for lengthier updates, but only as a secondary source, please call 907-258-6800 if directed to via text for further information.

We also communicate with families by email.  We keep our email list for Junior Nordic purposes only, and send the emails so that the list is not available to all recipients.  This is a great tool for us to keep families informed, so please provide your email address when you register.  If you are not receiving emails, it may be that they are not making it through your spam filter.

For updates by text, text to number 81010:
This message:
“@kincaidm” – for Kincaid M/W
“@kincaidt” – for Kincaid T/Th
“@hillsidemw” – for Hillside M/W
“@hillsidet” – for Hillside T/Th
“@russianjm” – for Russian Jack M/W
“@russianjt” – for Russian Jack T/Th
“@ready2race” – for Ready 2 Race

-After School Junior Nordic
@earlyhmw – Hillside M/W
@earlyhtt – Hillside T/Th
@earlykmw – Kincaid M/W
@earlyktt – Kincaid T/Th


Practice normally takes place as scheduled regardless of weather conditions. However, practice may be cancelled due to the following conditions: heavy snowfall, rain, extremely icy, high winds, and temperature below minus 5 degrees F. If there is no snow, as is sometimes the case at the start of Session I, skiers will have an alternative activity such as hiking with poles or playing games.

-Medical Conditions

If your child has a medical condition that may need to be treated out on the trails (asthma, food allergies….) let the head coach and your child’s coach know. This is very important and helps avoid a crisis situation.  This information should be included in your child’s registration and we try to be sure that the coaches know about any medical information provided, but you should talk to your child’s coach directly.


Junior Nordic is a parent-run program and we ask that any parents who can volunteer do so. This can be volunteering to ski along with a group of skiers to help the coach or can be one-time tasks such as registration, special events, or end-of-season equipment clean-up and maintenance. Check with the site director at your location to see how you can help. If you are not able to volunteer we ask that you donate $25 per family per session.

If you are interested in volunteering please contact:

Program Director: Shannon Donley, jrnordic@anchoragenordicski.com

-Waxing Videos on YouTube:

-Other Youth Programs

Ski Jumping Program

Learn to fly with NSAA’s ski jumping program. Fun and exciting for ages 5 and up!  You can add-on jumping to Jr. Nordic lessons or do just ski jumping. Two days a week of Ski Jumping Lessons beginning in November. Choose from Tues or Thurs evening (6-8 pm) and Sat or Sun (noon-4 pm). Beginning jumpers can start on their alpine equipment. Jumping equipment provided as skills progress. Jumpers need to bring their own helmets. Junior Nordic skiers adding on Ski Jumping, best to select a M/W Junior Nordic option.

Training Groups for Children and Teens

Children and young adults that are motivated to take their Nordic skiing careers further should look into these great training programs.

4-5 Year Olds

Your child must be at least six years old within two weeks of the session start to participate in NSAA’s Junior Nordic. If you are interested in getting your child into skiing earlier than age 6, please check out the Muni’s Little Nordic program.

Municipality of Anchorage Little Nordic