June 19, 2021

The NSAA Ski Jumping program hosted its 4th annual Midnight Sun Ski Jump-A-Thon on Saturday, June 19, 2021. This event brought the Anchorage community out to the Karl Eid Ski Jumping facility by Hilltop to watch ski jumpers fly through the air during the Summer Solstice. Thanks to all our generous donors, we reached our goal of raising $10,000 for the jumping club to help cover expenses for a new Winch Cat to safely groom the jump facilities!

To all our raffle prize winners, you can stop by the NSAA office during normal business hours M-F to pick up your prize. Our hours will vary with it being the summer, so please email or call first to make sure someone is there.


Thank you to everyone who purchased a raffle ticket to help support this year’s Midnight Sun Jump-a-thon fundraiser! Below is the list of winners. All prizes are at the NSAA office for pick up between 10-5pm Monday-Friday. Please email or call ahead to make sure someone is here before stopping by as our summer office hours will vary.

  • Jill Burnett
  • Shirley Dam
  • Laura Eichelberger
  • Karol Fink
  • Corrina Kinella
  • Dave Mayo-Kiely
  • John Novak
  • Heather Perz

Event Sponsorship

The goal to raise $10,000 for the jumping club to help cover expenses for a new Winch Cat was reached! Thank you to all our sponsors for their support.

Why do we need a new Winch Cat?

The current method for grooming our steep landing hills requires human exposure. The current methodology and equipment is from the 1980’s and utilizes nylon rope, snow grooming roller, and a mechanized devise that pulls the roller while a human rides backwards; all of this accomplished in inclement weather. The winch we are purchasing uses a machine that is specifically designed to safely operate on steep slopes. The new equipment will provide continuous and consistent snow grooming thus providing safer conditions for our jumpers as they fly through the air and land at speeds up to 50 mph.


Thank you to our 2021 Ski Jump-a-thon sponsors!