NSAA Photo Contest

 The 2020-21 NSAA Photo Contest is now closed! The Submission Deadline was June 30, 2021. The contest was open to all Alaska Nordic ski club members and entrants may submit three images per category.

The categories are:

  • Racing
  • Touring/Backcountry
  • Jumping
  • Kids on Skis
  • Grooming/Groomed Trails
  • Biathlon
  • Fun Ski Events
  • Recreational/Casual Skiing

Prizes will be awarded to first, second and third place selections in each category, as well as a grand prize overall winner. Winners also will be featured in the annual NSAA calendar and in an issue of the Alaska Nordic Skier Newsletter.

Official Rules:

  1. Photos will be accepted between April 1-June 30, 2021
  2. Please click the application button at the top of the screen, fill out the application, and submit your application and photos to Heather Liller at program@anchoragenordicski.com before 5pm June 30, 2021.
  3. File format should be JPG and size should be between 0.05 MB and 5MB.
  4. Contest open to all Alaska Nordic ski club members. Entrants may submit 3 images per category.
  5. All photos submitted may be showcased on NSAA website, in the NSAA newsletter, on the NSAA Facebook page, in the NSAA calendar, and for any other NSAA promotional materials.
  6.  Results to be announced on the NSAA website and published in the Nov. issue of Alaska Nordic Skier.
  7. Winning entries will receive prizes and will be featured in the annual NSAA calendar.
  8. Prizes awarded to First, Second, and Third Place winners in each category, as well as a Grand Prize overall winner
  9. Basic enhancement of photos is allowed including cropping, minor color enhancement, and contrast or brightness. Obvious photo manipulation is not allowed including morphing, polarization, composite or multiple images.
  10. You will retain all rights to any photograph you submit, including ownership if applicable, other than those rights licensed in the next sentence. We will make every effort to credit your photo any time it is used.
  11. By submitting your photo to our NSAA Photo Contest, you hereby grant to NSAA (i) a nonexclusive, worldwide, irrevocable, royalty-free license to reproduce, distribute, publicly display and publicly perform the photographs you submit to NSAA, and (ii) the right to use your name, city, state, and country of residence in promotions and other publications.
  12. Contact Heather Liller at the NSAA Office at program@anchoragenordicski.com or (907-276-7609) with questions, concerns or comments.

Thank you to our NSAA Photo Contest Sponsor, Alaska Mountaineering & Hiking!




2019-20 Contest Winners:


Overall Winner: Shadow Shooter by Keith Conger



1st: Racing Into the Tunnel by Julie Hood

2nd: GPRA Besh Cup Classic Mass Start by Russell Hood

3rd: Junior Nationals Step Turn by Tobias Albrigtsen


1st: Long Approach by Eric Parsons

2nd: Glacier Skating by Eric Parsons

3rd: Social Distanced Graduation Celebration by Keith Conger

Kids on Skis

1st: Gong Hill in the Sun by Russell Hood

2nd: Classic Touring by Eric Parsons

3rd: Denali View Trail by Eric Parsons

Groomed Trails

1st: First Tracks by Dylan Robertson

2nd: Aurora Tracks by Elizabeth Knapp

3rd: Flying Downhill into the Sun by Russell Hood

Fun Ski Events

1st: Homer Besh Cups by Russell Hood

2nd: Solstice Cider Station by Scott Broadwell

3rd: Megamid Winter Camping by Robert Whitney

Rec/Casual Skiing

1st: Skiing Above the Clouds at Independence Mine by Dylan Robertson

2nd: Flying Under the Radar on the Sisson Loop by Russell Hood

3rd: Crust Skiing in Black and White by Robert Whitney


1st: Shadow Shooter by Keith Conger

2nd: White Tights on White Snow by Helen Wilson

3rd: Taking Aim by Jennifer Aist


1st: Ski Jumping with Skinny Skis by Jennifer Aist

2nd: Backflip at the T-bird Relays by Russell Hood

3rd: Rocked the Landing by Julie Hood


Winning Photos

2018-19 Contest Winners:


Overall Winner: Pure Joy (Ski 4 Kids 2019) by Jen Aist



1st: Joel Power in Soldotna, (Besh Cup 3)by Laarni Power

2nd: State HS Boys relay: Scramble Leg at Birch Hill by Laarni Power

3rd: Soldotna Besh Cup by Laarni Power


1st: A golden-glowing mine (Hatcher Pass) by Liam Hood

2nd: Anticipation: Waiting to drop in near Microdot (Hatcher Pass) by Adam Loomis

3rd: Skiing to Williwaw Lake by David Ward

Kids on Skis

1st: Mass start (Ski 4 Kids 2019) by Jen Aist

2nd: Finish strong! (Ski 4 Kids 2019) by Jen Aist

3rd: Junior Nordic Hawks by David Ward

Groomed Trails

1st: Enjoying the fresh corduroy (Hatcher Pass Mine) by Elizabeth Knapp

2nd: Skating on fresh snow by Kathleen Metcalfe

3rd: Lake Loop (Kincaid)by Kathleen Metcalfe

Fun Ski Events

1st: Frankie and Raylene (Ski 4 Kids 2019) by David Ward

2nd: NSAA; Solstice Tree Tour by Lissa Wright

3rd: Winning costume for East relay: Service Viking Ship by Laarni Power

Rec/Casual Skiing

1st: Know no limits (2019 Ski 4 Kids) by Jen Aist

2nd: Terri Pauls wears her best while doing tele turns by Joe Kurtak

3rd: Hillside M/W Hawks on Rovers Run in the early morning light by David Ward


1st: Young shooter (Ski 4 Kids 2019) by Jen Aist

2nd: Focus (Ski 4 Kids 2019) by Jen Aist


1st: A dragon taking flight by Addy Wright

2nd: Junior Nordic-er catching some air at AMH Cup by Addy Wright

3rd: U16 Team Alaska girls … Jumping! by Shannon Donley


Winning Photos

Grand Prize Winner! 2019-20 contest: "Shadow Shooter" by Keith Conger

2019-20 Winning Photos:

Grand Prize Winner! 2018-19 contest: "Pure Joy" by Jen Aist

2018-19 Winning Photos:

Grand Prize Winner! 2017-18 contest: "Skiing into Rabbit Lake" © Jeremy Hinshaw

2017-18 Winning Photos:

Grand Prize Winner! 2016-17 contest: "Sunny Tracks" © Nathan Jones


Grand Prize Winner! 2015-16 contest: "2016 High School T-Bird Classic" © Matt Johnson