Here we are in the tail end of October and the snow is right on time!  While areas on the Hillside received 3-4″, Kincaid only has 1/8″.  But then Chugiak and Eagle River are reporting 6-10″.  Rarely is the snowfall where you want it every time…but we’re happy to usher in another season and are looking forward to more.  Consequently, there isn’t much grooming going on at Kincaid but we are monitoring the temperature in preparation for snowmaking.  No grooming on the trails on the Hillside, but feel free to buckle in to those trusty rock skis and give it a go if you’re feeling the urge.  A few trails at Beach Lake have been track packed and are a little further along in the base development stage, however, the trails are still officially closed.  We’re hoping for some nice cold temperatures to help freeze the ground so that new snow will adhere.  In the meantime, we hope you’ll join us at the NSAA annual meeting this Sunday, November 4 at the Kincaid Chalet.  Enjoy!