So far April has offered some pretty excellent Spring skiing…some reports say it’s been the best of the season.  Well, how can you go wrong with all the sunshine, warmer temperatures and a promise of summer on the horizon while effortlessly gliding along a beautifully groomed trail?  The groomers may scale back a bit on the frequency of grooming in order to preserve the base, but they will continue the grooming efforts as long as the base holds, so enjoy it while it lasts friends.

NSAA is hosting one last event this Friday, April 6 at Kincaid Park from 4:30-6:30pm.  This is your opportunity to really end the season on a high note at the Ski with Alaska’s Olympians.  Meet and greet with some of our very own local skiing heroes (yes, Kikkan will be there!) and inspire the next generation of skiers.  Skiers and walkers are welcome, but please no bikes or dogs.  For more details check the NSAA homepage under “Upcoming Events”.  Hope to see you there!