Matt was working on the Hillside last night preparing the trails for the Tour of Anchorage race this Sunday.  He groomed the Tour Trail from Hillside to APU and removed the track.  While at APU he packed the Stadium which will serve as a starting area.  At Kincaid Craig was battling high winds as he worked on the finish area.  Yesterday, Bill drove to several points along the trail (by car) from APU to the Lagoon mapping out a plan for grooming that leg of the race.  He’ll have to transport the PB several times as there are a few bridges and tunnels that are too small to go over and through.  Those spots will be groomed by the crew on snow machines.  There are a lot of moving parts to this event and without proper planning and preparation the consequence could result in much confusion and delay.  We certainly don’t want that!  But this isn’t their first rodeo and the Groomers are getting ready.  Have a great Friday and enjoy the weekend!!  Don’t forget Ski 4 Kids tomorrow Noon-4 at Kincaid!