NSAA Scholarship

NSAA has awarded college scholarships to Anchorage area high school seniors and college students for over twenty five years.

Scholarship application is available online beginning February 1, 2018
Applications due April 1, 2018 by 5 pm via ACF Foundation Website
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The award is for one academic year, and may be used for any educationally related expenses at any college or university chosen by the scholarship winner. Scholarships are awarded based on performance and achievement. Scholarship funds will be paid directly to the college or university.  Funds for the scholarship program come from the Sven Johansson Memorial Ski Race, and from the Elizabeth Tower memorial scholarship fund.

Reminder: Applicants must be members of the high school cross-country ski team during their junior and senior years and must have individual or family memberships in the NSAA for the current and preceding ski season. Please contact the NSAA office to verify your membership status before applying.

Questions or comments about the NSAA Scholarships Program?
Email:, 907-276-7609

Dan Rosenberg, Chair
Email: rosenberg at 907-277-2470

The Alaska Community Foundation
400 L Street, Suite 100, Anchorage, AK 99501

Email: 907-334-6700


Other Scholarships Available:

Thomas K. Besh Memorial Scholarship Fund: 2017 Thomas K. Besh Application

Applications are due April 15 each year:

NSAA Scholarships Recipients


Zach Basset

Elizabeth Mans

Sydney Gill

Ruth Cvancara

Ryan Bickford


David Cvancara
Alice Michaelson
Maksim Mayer
Luke Cvancara
Karina Zyatitsky
Julia Ditto
Grant Klug


Seiji Takagi
Douglas Watts
Ana Jager
Lydia Blanchet
William Mans
Anton Clark
Annika Flynn
Riley Bickford
Alisa Aist


Celia Haering (Alaska Pacific University)
Sarissa Lammers (University of Alaska Fairbanks)
Kayla Rowe (Whitworth University)
Seiji Takagi (University of Alaska Fairbanks)
Jacob Volz (Middlebury College)
Quinlyn-Skye Wika (Gonzaga University)


Ann Spencer (Middlebury College)
Garth Schultz (APU)
Celia Haering (Montana State)
Marion Woods (University of Vermont)
Erin Baker (APU)
Otto Gilbert (UAA)
Freya Hately (APU)
Thomas Ohara (Service)


Melissa Flynn (UAA)
Iain Miller (UAA)
Sarah Falconer (Dimond) UAF
Issac Lammer (Chugiak) UAF
Alexandra Cress (South) Western Washington
Kianna Wika (South) Gonzaga University
Jordan Pruszenski (Service) Carketib College
Forrest Tarbath (Service) University of Chicago
Doug Watts (West) University of Michigan


Branden Fontana (South High) UAA
Karina Packer (South High) Dartmouth
Rachel Carey (UAA)
Sam Dougherty (South High) Montana State
Emily Rogers (South High) Harvard
Peter Mamrol (Service High) Dartmouth
Iain Miller (Chugiak High) UAA


Branden Fontana (South High) UAA
Nathaniel Knapp (East High) Yale University
Scott Patterson (South High) University of Vermont
Megan Baker (West High) Montana State
Max Shayer (West High) Harvard University
Nick Treinen (West High) University of British Columbia


Andrew Dougherty (South High) University of Denver
Mark Hansen (West High) Bowdoin College
Christina Knapp (East High) Williams College


Jaime Bronga (East High) UAA
Nathan Quinley (East High) University of Nevada, Reno
Megan Ryan (Service High) University of Denver
Caitlin Patterson (South High) University of Vermont


Alice Bradley (Chugiak High) Dartmouth
Hanna Johnson (Service High) UAA
Patrick Johnson (Service High) Middlebury College
Sara Lucey (Bartlett High) UAA


David Hansen (West High) Williams College
Laura Tuttle (Service High) Montana State
Kalen Ramey (Service High) Montana State


Elizabeth Quinley (East High) Michigan Tech University
Mike Hinkley (Service High) Denver University


Anna Barnwell (Service High) Colby College
Matthew Johnson (Service High) Middlebury College


Nicole DeYong (UAA/East High) UAA
Caroline Livett (Service High) Dartmouth
Dylan Watts (West High) Williams College


Rebecca Dickison (Service High) Whitman College


Christina May (Service High) Dartmouth


Caitlin Yarbourgh (West High) APU
Diana Johnson (East High) Middlebury College


Kristy De Yong (East High)


Brook Predeger


Gretchen Pfisterer (Dimond High)
Brite Niezek (East High)


Tyler Beardsley


Tim Schrage (Dimond High) UAA


Lisa Ramsey (Bartlett High) UAA


Debbie Moseley (Bartlett High) UAA


Matthew Olnes


Karissa Weeks (Bartlett High) UAA


Donna DeVoe (Bartlett High) UAA
Scott Oberbreckling (UAA)

December 1981

NSAA Board voted to establish a Scholarship Fund in support of outstanding college bound Nordic skiers.