While it looks like all the trails have plenty of snow, we’re still in need of several more inches for the optimal grooming conditions.  Lately, the groomers have been grooming with the snow machines in order to conserve what little base we have.  There are only about 2-4 inches of compacted snow on top of an ice layer and to work that little base on a regular basis with the big snow cats would compromise the condition of the trails and possibly turn up dirt and rocks.  Fortunately, the tracks are holding up so the groomers are cleaning up the skate lanes with the snow machines and grooming implements.  These have a much lighter impact and still provide fresh comb.  At Kincaid on the Snow Making Loop, Craig is able to groom with the big snow cat as they’ve been making snow and have a much deeper base to support the big machine.

We’re hoping for more snow to build that base layer on all the trails.  In the meantime, enjoy what we’ve got and have a very Happy New Year!!