The snowmaking process at Kincaid Park has been unexpectedly interrupted as the primary pump is not operational.  At this point we have been unable to thoroughly detect the problem.  The pump will need to be pulled from the well before we can identify the issue.  It could be a wire shorting out in the well casing, the pump motor may have shorted out or the impellers have seized…we just won’t know until the pump is removed from the well and everything is inspected.  In the worst case we may need a new pump which could cost $14,000 or more.  We’re hoping for a simple diagnosis and a much less expensive repair.

In the meantime, snow making is on hold.  Once the pump is fixed we hope to be up and running to finish the remaining loops….as long as the temperatures are where they need to be.  Optimally, Mother Nature will come through and deliver all the snow we need.  Keep your fingers crossed and thanks for your support!