The crew had some good news late last week about the new pump that was recently installed to replace the old one that stopped working.  Our Snowmaking volunteer Tim Brabets explained the details and is hopeful.  “The electrician wired in the new breaker, reconnected the power line to the new pump and wired in the new VFD” (Variable Frequency Driver…which is like the throttle for the pump).  Once the electrician finished, Tim gave things a test and noted that all signs were positive.  He was only able to leave the system on for a few minutes since it was so warm, but all lights indicated “green”…and that’s good!  “Both pumps turned on in addition to one of the high pressure pumps before I had to stop the system.  The well line pressure looked good (100+psi) and the line pressure was good as well (400+psi). ”

This new pump is better matched to the well’s capacity than the old one was and the crew is cautiously optimistic.  “We still need to run the system in cold weather to see if it is working properly, but for now all signs are positive.”          Thanks for all you do Tim!!