A brief summary of our snowmaking efforts earlier in the week. We started making snow on Monday at 7:00 AM and stopped on Wednesday at 10:00 AM for a total of 51 hours straight. We used just over 0.5 million gallons of water. Then the rain and wind came. I watched all the action on the NSAA webcam. I went out to Kincaid today to see what’s left. I was surprised. We did lose snow but you can see from the attached pictures that the lower tunnel looks fine and that there still are some snow piles (much smaller than on Wednesday) in the stadium near the Lekisch tunnel and at the north end of the stadium. The lance loop (north of Raspberry – where we focused our efforts) doesn’t look all that bad – there are still snow piles under all the lances – perhaps this area was somewhat sheltered from the wind and the rain.