It’s been a little chilly, but there is a warming trend later in the week making for some fine Spring skiing.  With the TOA behind us, we’ve got some relaxing days ahead with some fun events to look forward to.  Coming up on Saturday, March 11 is the Ski Train to Curry and there are still some tickets left.  The last race in the AMH Anchorage Cup series Phat and Freestyle (Fat Tire and Ski Duathlon) is on Sunday, March 12 and finally SKAN (Ski Kincaid All Night) 24 wraps up the season on March 25-26.  With Spring Break coming up next week, this is also a great time to get the kids outside and tour the trails.  This has been a great ski season and the Groomers are looking forward to a little less hectic race schedule and will continue in the groove of maintenance grooming.  Enjoy the trails!