After today, the grooming efforts at Kincaid will be focused on what is left of the SML and the Stadium.  All other trails at Kincaid have been abandoned, as far as grooming goes, for the season.  Craig added some snow to the Stadium and Bunker tunnels to keep the loop skiable and only a few puddles are beginning to show in the Stadium at this point.  Once again the Snow Making Loop has extended the ski season, being the first and last place to reliably ski in Anchorage.   Are we taking bets to see how long it lasts??

On the Hillside, Ricky feels his efforts will come to an end tomorrow and Eagle River Parks and Rec have already closed the trails at Beach Lake.  What a great season this has been and the Groomers would like to thank all the skiers and those who donated their time to volunteer on the trails.  They couldn’t have done it without your support.  They will be working on a few of the trails this summer but plan to spend a good portion of their time on some much needed equipment maintenance.  Have a great summer and enjoy the trails wherever you go!