34th Annual Tour of Anchorage

Sunday, March 6, 2022


Thank you!

To all our volunteers for their tireless efforts to bring you a ski and fat bike marathon ending at Kincaid Park. It was a beautiful day to enjoy Anchorage’s world class trails. We really appreciate your support of the Nordic Skiing Association of Anchorage.
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The Tour of Anchorage is one of the few point-to-point cross-country ski marathons in North America and may be the only one that crosses through an urban environment! There are 6 ski events of 25, 40 and 50 kilometers in both Freestyle and Classic techniques.  The 3 Fat Bike events use the same 3 courses later in the afternoon. In each race, participants range from competitive elite athletes to recreational skiers just challenging themselves to get to the finish line.

The 40k and 50k start on the Anchorage Hillside and traverse the city along ski and multi-use trails. Tunnels, bridges and greenbelts make it possible to ski from one side of town to the other without crossing a single road. The 25k races start in midtown (Alaska Pacific University) and tie into the 50 and 40k courses. All races finish at the ski stadium of Kincaid Park on the western edge of the city overlooking Cook Inlet.

Read the History of the Tour  |  Race Times History


Highlights from the 2022 Tour of Anchorage:

  • Over 1200 racers registered, racing in 3 different disciplines with 3 distances.
  • 19 people did the “Tour Double”, 7 accomplished the 50 +50, an impressive feat!
  • 4 former/ current Olympians raced.
  • Athletes ranged from ages 7 to 91.
  • We were joined by teams from across Alaska including Unalakleet, Galena, and Juneau.
  • Aid stations were run by 6 Anchorage area high schools and a local Boy Scout Troop 190.
  • We had amazing weather!!
  • Support from our amazing 80 volunteers made the event a great success!



All awards (25K, 40K, 50K ski and bike, and all age-group awards) are available for pick up at the NSAA office during normal office hours. If you are out of town and need your award mailed to you, please contact the office at program@anchoragenordicski.com


All racers get an event t-shirt! Due to the increase in last minute registration, we ran out of t-shirts before the end of bib pickup. Please fill out the survey and indicate what size you need. We will be placing a separate t-shirt order soon and will contact you once they are in.

Registration & Waves

Online registration for the 2022 Tour will close on Tuesday night,1 March,11:59pm.  Bib pickup will be from 1-7 pm on Thursday 3 March and Friday 4 March at the APU Mosley Center. Masks will be required in the gym at indoor bib pickup.
Seeding, bib assignments, and wave placements occur 2 March prior to bib pickup.  An alphabetic list will be posted by Thursday morning. As explained above, wave placement is based on the rank of individual Pace Times among the registered skiers for each race.  You are allowed to register at bib-pickup, however the bibs available are often limited to the last waves.  Any change to wave placement becomes increasingly difficult as all waves become filled.  Family members or friends that want to start in the same wave will be accommodated to the extent possible, but no guarantees.  You can always start in a later wave if you want to ski with someone and do not really care about the accuracy of your time.  You track of the time difference for yourself.  Or, send an email NOW with names of ski partners to bob.stehn@gmail.comIf you are in a large group wanting similar wave placement such as a high school team, multiple families, or groups >10, please contact tyler@anchoragenordicski.com.
Seeding and wave placement will not occur for each of the Fat Bike races.  Each bike race will simply start in a single large, happy, self-seeded group for each distance.

Race Bib Pick Up 

When: Thursday, 3 March, 1-7 p.m.   and   Friday, 4 March, 1 – 7 p.m.
Where: APU Moseley Center (4400 University Dr). Bib pickup will be in the gym unless COVID conditions change that necessitates moving outdoors. Bib pickup on race day will be available, but change in wave or registration will not be possible on Sunday. TOA racers are highly encouraged to pick up their bib (or have someone get it for them) on March 3 or 4. No bib pickup is available on Saturday. For out-of-town racers and in case of emergency or hardship, bibs can be picked up on race day Sunday March 6 beginning an hour before start time at the APU Moseley Center for the 25K races or outside the Little Gym behind Service High School for the 50K/40K races.



Course Maps

Note: Some of the maps below will be revised to include the Kincaid stadium finish location and aid station locations for 2022 (once they are determined). 

As long as snow depths and conditions allow, classic tracks will be set for the entire 50-kilometer course (except in a few short sections).

Race Officials reserve the right to alter the course due to safety concerns or weather conditions.

 25K Start – Alaska Pacific University (APU)

40K & 50K Start – Service High School 

Ski Course Sections – Detailed

Fat Bike Course Sections – Detailed

Download Tour of Anchorage Overview Ski Map – PDF  Download Tour of Anchorage Overview Fat Bike Map – PDF



Race Logistics 

Due to continuing concerns with COVID,  there will be NO shuttle bus service from Kincaid back to the race start locations. Athletes are encouraged to plan a pickup with family and friends, or use ride share apps to leave the Kincaid stadium. Racers are also encouraged to bring their cell phone to coordinate pickup or for emergency communication. Racers have also used the app “Find My” to coordinate with another phone for racer location and pickup. Gear bags with racer warmup clothing will be shuttled in a truck or van from the starts to the wax bunker at Kincaid.  Trash bags and sharpies will also be available on-site.  Please clearly label bags your name, phone number, bib number, and race distance.  The 25k race start line is on the large athletic field over the hill behind the APU Moseley Center.  Allow 10 minutes to walk the trail to the Start line.

The Dimond High School Nordic Ski Team will be providing a glide waxing service for a donation in the Kincaid Wax Bunker the day before the race from 1:00-3:00pm on March 5th.
Alaska Mountaineering & Hiking (2633 Spenard Rd.) provides a TOA wax recommendation before the race and will also wax skis for a fee.

Drop bag support will be available at both start locations for all races, to transport your personal bag to the end of the race at Kincaid Park. Make sure your bag is marked well with your bib number and name. Garbage bags will be provided at bib pickup as well as drop bag locations at both Service and APU. Additionally the skier bibs have a rip away section at the bottom with your bib number to help identify your bag. Bags will be available for pick up at the Kincaid Wax Bunker immediately following the race. 

Due to COVID-19, the free shuttle bus service from Kincaid to Service or APU with Premier Alaska Tours will unfortunately NOT be available in 2022.

Racers will need to arrange their own transportation from Kincaid via support personnel. Warning: Parking is Limited. 

Thanks to Strabel Timing, we have a valuable tool this year that will allow support personnel to predict when their racer is expected at the finish. At their “live timing” webpage, you can use the search feature to find your racer, and their time will automatically pop up at four split stations and at the finish. The final split — at Postmark Drive about 12 kilometers from the finish — will be especially valuable, and a precise finish time will even be predicted based on the racers’ pace to that point.

The other split locations are the start of the Gasline; at the beginning of the multi-use route at Homestead Trail; and where the 25K merges with the 50/40K trail just beyond the 25K start.

Live Timing link: https://my.raceresult.com/190558/

Feed Stations

We are providing 6 feed stations for skiers and 2 for bikers for the 2022 event. All stations will feature an array of snacks including: TANG, fruits and gummies.


  • Double Bubble: Ski Only
  • Campbell Airstrip: Ski Only
  • Lake Otis: Ski Only
  • Westchester Lagoon: Ski and Bike
  • Post Mark Dr: Ski Only
  • Point Woronzof: Ski and Bike

Are you riding the Fat Bike Tour of Anchorage?

  • Helmets are required.
  • A minimum tire width of 3.7 inches is required. There is no maximum or minimum tire pressure. Adjust PSI appropriate for the trail conditions.
  • A noisemaker such as a bell to alert other trail users of your approach is required.
  • Pass skiers and other trail users in single file whenever possible.
  • Avoid riding in the classic ski tracks.
  • The winner is determined by the first front wheel to cross the finish line.
  • Be equipped with lights if there is a chance you will finish in the dark.

There is only one division: Open.

Awards will be given for Top 3 overall, plus winners of the following age groups: 17 & under, 18-29, 30-39, 40-49, 50-59, 60-69, 70-79 

  • 50K: Cash Prizes for Top 3 men and women overall ($250 for 1st, $150 for 2nd and $100 for 3rd) and an award for each group winner (Top 3 not eligible for age group awards).
  • 40K: Awards for Top 3 (no cash) and an award for each group winner (Top 3 not eligible for age group awards).
  • 25K: Awards for Top 3 (no cash) and an award for each group winner (Top 3 not eligible for age group awards).
  • Tour Double: 50K ski/25K bike: $150 for male and female with fastest combined times; medals for all who complete a ski/bike double.

Tour Double

Tour of Anchorage racers should realistically assess their fitness and abilities before signing up for the 50K/50K Tour Double

Finish these combinations of 1 ski race AND 1 bike race back-to-back and receive a special award — plus a reduced entry fee!

By selecting the Tour Double option in online registration. Doublers will pay full price for the first race but just $50 for the second. If you decide to double your races after having signed up for just one event, simply email NSAA at program@anchoragenordicski.com to add the second event.

Before signing up, Doublers should be sure they are physically capable of finishing both events and have enough time (and their reliable transportation) to get from Kincaid back to Service HS or APU for their bike start.  Because the 25 K ski race starts later at 11:00am and the 50 K Fat Bike starts earlier at 2:00pm, this combination makes for the tightest schedule.  

Tour of Anchorage

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Thank You to Our Generous 2022 Sponsors!

Please join us in thanking and supporting our 2022 Tour of Anchorage sponsors listed below. This quality event is made possible by their generous support.

Interested in becoming a 2022 sponsor? There are many levels and ways to support the event and the mission. Click here to review sponsorship opportunities and levels, we would be honored if you join our team! If you have questions, feel free to email Tyler at tyler@anchoragenordicski.com.







Thank you to Anchorage Nordic Ski Patrol for support on the trail!
Learn more about the Anchorage Nordic Ski Patrol at: https://www.anchoragenordic.com.


Questions or comments about the Tour of Anchorage?

Race Director Tyler Henegan tourofanchorage@gmail.com 
Registration (Pre-Race) Heather Liller program@anchoragenordicski.com
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