Beach Lake Trails Report

Wednesday 3/27:  No New Grooming Today.  Enjoy!!

Tuesday 3/26:  Bill groomed the same trails as yesterday except for No Way.  Enjoy!

Monday 3/225:  Bill was out grooming this morning with the snow cat and mentioned that the more he “works” the snow the faster it will degrade.  It was cold enough last night and the trails still have mostly good snow coverage.  He removed the tracks on the trails he groomed and said to watch for dirt spots, water and ice here and there…especially on the hills. Ski it while it lasts!!  The tunnels have gone “clear” and the Stadium at CHS is flooding so he has abandoned that side.  Have a great week!

View reports as a map HERE – Clicking on a trail will provide the date it was last groomed, trail color shows level of difficulty and line width shows the days since grooming. Zoom in to see lights along specific trails as well as parking lots and recreation centers.

Lighted Trail
Non-lighted Trail
Novice Trail Intermediate Trail Advanced Trail Multi-use Trail
Trail Last Groomed Comments
Chalet LoopMar 26No track
Sprint LoopMar 26No track
North PastureMar 26No track
Corral LoopMar 26No track
Mama's CutoffMar 26No track
Low Rd.Mar 26No track
Main St.Mar 26No track
Swamp TrailMar 26No track
No WayMar 25No track
JunkyardMar 26No track
Bridge LoopMar 26No track
Appendix LoopMar 26No track
TrainrideMar 22With track
Agony HillMar 22With track
High Rd.Mar 22With track
Old Lighted Loop-LugeMar 22With track
Rock HillMar 22With track
Yo Yo'sMar 22With track
dirt spots showing
Devil's CornerMar 22With track
Hill LoopMar 22With track
Chugiak High School StadiumMar 22With track
water holes developing
Chugiak High School Christy LoopMar 14With track