Hillside Trails Report

Thursday 1/27/22:  Matt cleaned up the Gasline with new track and ground out the icy base and mixed in the new snow on the Multi-Use and the Tour Trail, including BLM Coyote and Airstrip. He mentioned that where there is track it’s generally shallow and riding on ice. Have a good day!

Wednesday 1/26/22:  We’re back in business with colder temps and 3-4″ of new snow! The Gasline, Double Bubble and the Lighted Loops have been groomed with new track. Watch for water in the low spots and sticks and twigs throughout. Only made a single pass through Service Stadium due to standing water and will wait until that freezes a bit more. Matt mentioned that the trails are a tad lumpy and bumpy with some berming, but conditions should improve with each groom. Enjoy!

Tuesday 1/25/22:  Jack was on the scene last night clearing trees and debris from the Lighted Loops and Double Bubble. No grooming as it’s still too warm and windy and the trails are wet and saturated…walkers are leaving deep footprints. It has started to snow though so let’s hope the colder temperatures are on the way! Update: Snowball snow coming down over a wet base. If you see branches you can handle, removal would be a big help, but no walking please. Matt is working on clearing the Spencer today. Thanks!

View reports as a map HERE – Clicking on a trail will provide the date it was last groomed, trail color shows level of difficulty and line width shows the days since grooming. Zoom in to see lights along specific trails as well as parking lots and recreation centers.

Winter lighted trails schedule:
On from 6-10 AM and 4-11 PM
All lighting controls are on timers with photo cell over-rides based on daylight.

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Non-lighted Trail
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