Hillside Trails Report

Monday 11/30:  The skate lanes on Spencer and Double Bubble have been refreshed and the Lighted Loops and Gasline have been groomed with new track.  Have a wonderful Monday!

Sunday 11/29: Jack cleaned up the skate lanes on the Lighted Loops and Multi-Use and set new track on the Richter, BLM Ridge and Bog trails. Enjoy!

Saturday 11/28:  Matt put down 3″ of new snow and groomed all the Lighted Loops, Service stadium, Spencer, Gasline and Double Bubble with new track.  Have fun out there!

View reports as a map HERE – Clicking on a trail will provide the date it was last groomed, trail color shows level of difficulty and line width shows the days since grooming. Zoom in to see lights along specific trails as well as parking lots and recreation centers.

Winter lighted trails schedule:
On from 6-10 AM and 4-11 PM
All lighting controls are on timers with photo cell over-rides based on daylight.

Lighted Trail
Non-lighted Trail
Novice Trail Intermediate Trail Advanced Trail Multi-use Trail
Trail Last Groomed Comments