Kincaid Trails Report

Monday 1/20:  Happy Martin Luther King Jr. Day!  Craig cleaned up the skate lanes on the Mize then spent the rest of his shift cutting and pulling snow from the edge of the Multi-Use trail to set track with the snow machine.  Since the edge of the trails are not compacted (yet), this process of pulling snow in onto the trail makes it possible to set a “fuller” track.  The downside is this is a one time maneuver and the track is prone to collapsing and becoming shallow, just like on the Mize.  However, Craig said it came out very nice and to enjoy it while it lasts!  Thank you Craig and have a wonderful day everyone!

Sunday 1/19:  The Stadium and SML have been groomed with new track and Arlene’s, the Sisson and the Multi-Use have been winged with the snow machine for your skiing pleasure today.  Have  a good one!

Saturday 1/18:  The Pisten Bully is back in business so the Stadium and SML have been groomed with fresh track and the lighted loops have been combed out with the snow machine.  TriFlake race today from Noon-3…they’ll start in the Biathlon and head out Margaux’s, through the upper tunnel, down Margaux’s, through the Stadium/Lekisch tunnel and back to Biathlon.  Hope you have a fun day !

You can view the Stadium on the Web camera video hosting by Brownrice Internet.

View reports as a map HERE – Clicking on a trail will provide the date it was last groomed, trail color shows level of difficulty and line width shows the days since grooming. Zoom in to see lights along specific trails as well as parking lots and recreation centers.

Winter lighted trails schedule:
On from 6-10 AM and 4-11 PM
All lighting controls are on timers with photo cell over-rides based on daylight.

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