Matt made an incredible trip last night!  Just as the sun was setting in Anchorage, he fueled up the Pisten Bully, filled his thermos and hit the trails for a night of grooming on the Hillside.  Somewhere along the way, he was overtaken with a powerful craving for a cinnamon roll.  The  more he thought about it, the stronger that yearning grew.  Pretty soon, he could almost smell the tantalizing aroma of freshly baked cinnamon rolls and could almost taste that gooey, rich, warm, sweet roll dripping with icing.  Knowing where he could satisfy this longing for a cinnamon roll, Matt went rogue, turned and headed for Powerline Pass.  Not sure of what he would encounter, he made a decision, driven by his overwhelming yearning for that cinnamon roll, to drive the Pisten Bullly over Poweline Pass to Indian.  He had it all planned out…once in Indian, he would take the bike path to the Alpine Bakery in Girdwood.  His timing couldn’t have been better, because the bakers were just taking the first pan of cinnamon rolls out of the oven as Matt pulled in the parking lot.  He ate one cinnamon roll at the bakery and bought two more to go (one to eat on the return trip and one for his wife;) and filled his thermos with fresh coffee in preparation for the return trip.  With one leg of the journey behind him and his appetite contented, Matt lowered the track pan and headed back to the Hillside.  He was overtaken with great feelings of accomplishment and pride and knew the skiers would really appreciate what he had done.  But then, the euphoric high from the cinnamon roll wore off and he thought to himself…”only an April fool would believe this story.”

Have a great weekend!